Thank you to Everyone Who Participated in the 2015 United For Destiny Bowl-A-Thon!

It was a fun time Saturday at the United For Destiny Bowl-A-Thon! We are so thankful for the Holy Rollers team from the River of God Church and for all the other bowlers that participated. Appreciate everyone who supported the bowlers through sponsoring, prayer, and encouragement! All together bowlers and all levels of sponsors helped to raise approx $2,700 to goes towards the $50,000 plus needed for our future home in Blenker, WI. Thank you!imageRiver of God’s Holy Rollers Team raised approx $900 for the future Destiny Point Facility in Blenker, WI. They won the grand prize of a pizza party at Polito’s Pizza, 1 extra large pizza, 3 orders of garlic Knots, and a $30 gift card purchase for an additional pizza, and/or drinks, etc. They also won several Belts Bucks from Belts Ice Cream, and a $10 gift card for Family Video so they can regroup and watch movies! — with Kyle Reid, Ondreea Mercer, Magan Rzymek, Michelle Mercier, Alyssa Opalewski, AaronandMichelle Mercer, Miricle Brengosz, Cindy Brengosz, James Brengosz, Caysie Mercer, Josh Spatz 

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