See What’s Happening At Our Home In Blenker

The Place is hopping on Saturdays.  Although we could use a lot more volunteers, we are so thankful for the ones we have!




IMG_0012 IMG_0013Chris, our house manager and Kristin, one of our students are cleaning up.  They are cutting and throwing an old piece of carpeting in the dumpster.  Chris is usually the one who makes most of the meals for the volunteers.

IMG_0014IMG_0018No…we don’t keep our volunteers locked up, LOL.  It is tempting though, when we get good ones like the Shippys we don’t want to let them go!  Tom and Carol make quite the team.  (We weren’t able to get Carols picture…yet) But when Tom makes a mess, Carol is right behind him with the broom!

IMG_0015IMG_0017So thankful for all of Doug Brock.  He doesn’t know a lot about construction, but is so willing to learn, and always willing to help.  Karyn (his other half) helped us pack last fall to move into our temporary home.

IMG_0020IMG_0019 Becky is always busy with her little Nephew Ryan and 2 other boys she takes care of, but she finely had a day with no kids, and came out to help.  Ever since Destiny Point opened 5 years ago, Becky has volunteered at the home.  The ladies love her!

Apr 15 Jordan  Apr 15 Jordanr 2 Mike and Jordan Garske are very busy with Mike’s FNM Hard surface supply Company in Amherst. Whenever they get a chance in between jobs, they will pop over!  Mike and Jordan help with Habitat for Humanity and have also worked on a few homes for Extreme Home Makeover.

Apr 15 Dustin Stroik  Apr 15 Dustin Stroik 2  Dustin Stroik started volunteering with us through the United Way.  Even though he is only a Jr in High school, he has had a lot of experience in construction, and is one of our most dedicated and a hard working young men!  Also thankful to his mom who has brought him and picked him up every time!

Apr 15 TrevorApr 15 Trevor 2  Tyler didn’t know what he was getting himself in to, but he came to help!  He did a great job taking the old door and door frame out and put a new one in!  Hoping we didn’t work him too hard so that he comes back!  🙂

Pastor Dave Pastor Dave Mickelson from Victory Church has not only been providing physical help at our Blenker home, but he and his wife Ruth provide a lot of prayer and encouragement!  Pastor Ruth also teaches a Friday morning class at Destiny Point.

We are also so thankful to Paul Grode for supervising and installation of the plumbing.  Also to Dan Oleson for all of his help as a project manager, and David Barth from Feltz Lumber for seeking much needed supplies for the home.

        Please consider coming out to give us a hand…we could really use some help!

Also last but definitely not least…..thanks to everyone who has donated!  Your gifts are so much appreciated!  Without them this remodeling would not be possible!  Through you God is supplying all our needs for His vision and purpose!

If you are interested in finding out more info please email us at, or call us at 715-824-5872.  We are out there every Saturday except for this one May 9th so, if you have a few hours to give, we’ll put you to work.   We are trying to get work days going during the week. But we need another project manager to help out.

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