The Heart of a Volunteer…..

Everyone who reads this knows someone whose life is impacted by life controlling issues..Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home offers Hope and a second chance..”You can make a difference ” …we hear that all the time, but here’s the kicker..It’s true…Be part of something bigger…you will be blessed♡  See The Heart of A Volunteer Video


More Visit Volunteer Corner for more information

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1 Response to The Heart of a Volunteer…..

  1. Julie. You are growing, what a blessing. I think of this group often and wonder how
    Best God could use me. My skills are more people skills than paper. I am good
    As a one on one or in small groups as a facilitator. I have experience in both
    Areas, including bible study. My personal background is not identical but
    Close enough to understand the emotional shame, feelings of helplessness,
    Lack of….. If you feel I can help in any way, please contact me. I am willing
    To update skills through church curriculum if available, wherever I am needed
    Shortly, I will have more daytime available since my client will be working
    I’m feeling convicted to let people in causes close to my heart know. God
    Bless Thank you for keeping me updated. Kathy


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