2017 Fudge Fundraiser

We’re in our 6th year of selling fudge!  And this year decided to sell all 17 fudge flavors! Our newest flavors are Peppermint Candy Cane and Salted Carmel! And we added back: Butterscotch, White Almond and Chocolate Cashew. After this year’s sales we will be eliminating 2 flavors! 
Get your fudge early for best possible selection!

We made (in a State Certified kitchen) 230 pounds (460ea 1/2 packages) last week and planning on making about 80 more pounds this week! During the Tomorrow River Christmas and individual sales and orders, we have sold about 100 pounds (200 Individual Packages) so far and we are just getting started!

Poster sign2017 Pic

To order fudge or get other info by Facebook messaging us at  https://www.facebook.com/DestinyPoint/,  emailing destinypoint.inc@gmail.com or calling us at 715-824-5872. (Leave a message if no answer) 
Fudge can be mailed for an additional charge. USPS Standard shipping $7.60 for one pound (2 packages) add approximately $2-$3 additional per pound more after.

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