New Contact Information

Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home

10095 Cty Rd F., Milladore, WI 54454, 715-652-2027

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2 Responses to New Contact Information

  1. Diane Lobner says:

    Hi, So happy to see all you are doing. My question is do you accept donations of baby quilts/blankets? I also have a few bigger size quilts that measure approx. 48×68…. just a twin size or a nice blanket for reading or watching tv. they are nothing fancy but are very warm as they are made with denim squares.
    thank you,


    • jworzella says:

      Hi Diane Lobner,
      We’re not sure when you sent us the message so I apologized if it was a while ago. We currently don’t have any babies but wouldn’t mind having on hand a few baby things. Thanks for asking!


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