Catching up with: Destiny Point on track to new home –  August 11, 2014


Earlier this summer, Destiny Point, a women’s restorative home located in a former convent on the grounds of St. Philip Catholic Church in Rudolph, began a quest to find a new home.

The church is going to need to use the building, because the school, which was built around 1919 and closed to students at the end of the 2008 school year, can no longer be used.

Destiny Point is a residential home providing a Christian-based environment for women ages 18 and older to recover from a number of problems, which may include co-dependency; substance, sexual and physical abuse; eating disorders; post-abortion trauma; unplanned pregnancies and more.

Now the prayers of the staff members and students seem to have been answered, said Julie Worzella, who founded the home in 2007…..See More 



Wanted: New home for Destiny Point               June 27, 2014


Kathy Kercher remembers feeling lost and hopeless, caught in seemingly never-ending issues of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I had a lot of things from my past I never had a chance to heal from,” said Kercher, 54, who has family in Wisconsin Rapids.

From the time she was 16, Kercher was in and out of hospitals and through a variety of therapies and medications; nothing worked…. See More



The Very Beginning of Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home 12-16-2007

Old article about Destiny Point, done over a year prior to opening the doors.

New women’s restoration home in need of funding – December 16, 2007



Destiny Point in Rudolph is a new women’s restoration center. Tom Loucks/Central Wisconsin Sunday

Posted December 16, 2007 New women’s restoration home in need of funding

By Debi Cleworth Central Wisconsin Sunday

RUDOLPH — Unless it receives thousands of dollars, a new women’s restoration home in Rudolph might stay as empty as it is today….See More

4 Responses to News

  1. Pastor John says:

    Bob and Julie,
    Found your site. Like it!

    Pastor John


  2. Sandy says:

    I agree I think this is the most awesome website. I heard Julie and the students give a brief presentation Saturday. Amazing! Praise God that there are people like Julie who step out in faith to make a difference in Women’s lives. I grew up in Rudolph. I am beyond tickled pink that the old convent s being used for such a great purpose.


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