Colleen’s Story

Colleen’s Story while a student at Destiny Point

Colleen at Christmas

2015 Dec Letter -Colleen F. A

Colleen when she first came to Destiny Point

~I came to Destiny Point because I wanted to be more Christ-like and when I read what it would be like, it was everything I wanted and needed. My life had been turmoil because of living for my own desires. wanted to live my life for Gods glory and not mine. When I arrived at Destiny Point I found myself not wanting to obey any rules and coming up with any excuse why I could not stay. I had a very poor attitude and was very negative. I stayed for only two weeks and made up my mind to leave.
While gone I realized that there was so much shame that I carried from a very verbally abusive mom. And knew that I had to get that out of the way to be able to live the life that I so desperately desired! I came back to Destiny Point four months later. I came back with a good attitude and willing to accept all the healing I need in my life. Even though I have only been here a few weeks, my heart is open to receive what God has for me. I am now ready to be obedient to the Lord. The best decision I have ever made was to come back to Destiny Point! I am so grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to heal and become    more Christ-like and grow in my walk of faith and to help other experience the joy that I am beginning to feel! God bless everyone that supports Destiny Point!


Colleen helping with fudge making

Colleen and Rev. Joan (volunteer teacher)

Colleen and Rev. Joan (volunteer teacher)