Kathy’s Story

Kathy’s Story – Life After Destiny Point

2015 Dec Letter -Kathy K.

Hello my name is Kathy,
I was living a life of utter despair, depression, and darkness. Years of unsuccessful therapies and medications proved just how hopeless life was. I remember so clearly just how close I came to dying….by an overdose and even laying on the railroad tracks. As a last effort I applied and was accepted into Destiny Point. This was 3 ½ years ago.! The healing and hope I gained through Destiny Point has given me a life!
I’m now blessed with the ability to see this hope and healing within each lady who comes here. Once a student, But now privileged to be part of the staff here at Destiny Point, I can now assist these ladies…no matter what their past and their pain tells them….that their life is precious and filled with a future designed perfectly by God and filled with great hope and joy!
Destiny Point home and program is run and possible solely through and by the donations of others. I can’t begin to express my gratitude I have for so many who have and continue to bring support to the ministry and students here. Your support truly helped to save my life. I am so very grateful!! God bless you!


Kathy and Shawna

Kathy and Shawna

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Kathy helping at the Blenker home