Kristin’s Story

Kristin’s Story while a student at Destiny Point

  Christmas letter testimony pic2015 - KristinKristin's Story


“What it means for me to be at Destiny Point is PEACE! Peace for family, peace for my life and my future.
I came with so much fear for my future. Life was restless and anxious trying to calm it and filling the void with drugs and alcohol, but only leading into further anxiety, fear and isolation, What was once an artificial cure of sticking a needle in my arm, became a tool to try to commit suicide but my drug buddy would always give me the antidote to pull me out of it!
My fears are being filled with faith and that helps me to have peace and joy in my heart. I am so thankful to have this privilege and opportunity to come to this safe place to receive healing along with other woman searching for healing and peace. I knew that there would have come a time of a suicide attempt that I would of not recovered, And without Destiny Point I would have died! Through Destiny Point God gives a hope and a future to many hurting women! I am truly blessed to be here and ALIVE! I thank all who help to keep the doors open. To those who support, pray, donate time, clothes, food…Lives are being saved!”                           – Kristin


Kristin and Sherry knocking down pat of a basement wall at our Blenker home


Kristin and Donkey

Kristin having fun with the donkey

Beautiful Kristin at the Christmas tree

Kristin glowing at the Christmas tree