Sherry’s Story

Sherry’s Story – a Student at Destiny Point

2015 Dec Letter -Sherry K.

Sherry’s Story

My name is Sherry,
I had lost three of my immediate family members within a year, and was severely abusing alcohol to deaden the intense pain and grief. I had diabetes and I was about to go on insulin. My daughter found me at my lowest when I was at my mom’s house trying to prepare for my mother and brother’s funerals and trying to deal with all the things that they left behind! I was in such turmoil in my life and in great need of restoration and healing. She took me back to her home.
I came to Destiny Point shortly after, which is now about 6 months ago. After attending the classes and receiving Christian counseling here at Destiny Point, I began a personal relationship with our Lord and my life is completely different, I can sleep peacefully. I have peace and joy. I have been healed completely from diabetes. AND…I have a better relationship with my children. I have a ways to go at Destiny Point, but I now have a hope and a future to look forward to! It’s hard to explain how truly thankful I am for all the support! God Bless you ALL!

Sherry and Shawna fudge

Sherry and Shawna handing out fudge samples

Sherry by Christmas tree

God’s beauty shines through!

Sherry and Kristin

Sherry and Kristin bundled up to see the lights in Marshfield

sherry demo

Sherry helping with demoing at our Blenker home!